JAPAN is dotted with wonderfully workaday ramen shops, places that are especially compelling when the weather turns cold. The lunch crowd squeezes into a narrow space shrouded in steam pouring from soup bowls, stock brews on open flames beyond the counter, and beside... read more

Hideto Kawahara, a ramen chef based in the Hakata region of Fukuoka, Japan, oversees the steaming bowls at this midtown noodle shop. At Hide-Chan, Kawahara focuses on tonkotsu (pork) broth—a luscious, meaty soup, more cloudy than creamy. The best way to... read more

There is a meticulous science and culture to this ramen-ya that has seemingly perfected the customized noodle experience. Two suggestions to novices: dine during off-hours to avoid their mile-long line; and ponder exactly how firm you like your ramen cooked... read more

The sound of diners "noisily slurping" "cooked-to-perfection" noodles swimming in "flavorful" broth provides the background music at this "authentic" East Midtown Japanese ramen joint; alright, the service... read more